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EMR and E-Discovery Part Four: Reading Complexities

In part four of our series, EMR and E-Discovery, author David Levitt unpacks the difficulties associated with reading EMR in its native state and the additional complexities that accompany counsel's ability to access EMR, which is only produced in PDF form. More ›

411 on Telehealth

The world of health care delivery is quickly evolving to meet both personalized consumer demand and the need for cost-efficient, quality outcomes. More ›

Healthcare Providers Beware: Medicare Billing Can Be Risky Business

When a health care provider or third party billing service submits a claim for services rendered to a Medicare patient, it’s filing a bill with the government that certifies the payment was earned and complies with certain billing requirements. More ›

EMR and E-Discovery Part Three: All Systems Go

In part three of our series, EMR and E-Discovery, author David Levitt details the current diagnostic tools utilized by modern health care as well as some of the considerations healthcare institutions should evaluate when making decisions about software and licensing. More ›

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