411 on Telehealth

The world of health care delivery is quickly evolving to meet both personalized consumer demand and the need for cost-efficient, quality outcomes.

Recent health care surveys[i] support the emerging trend for the consumerization of health care, indicating the consumer's willingness to switch PCPs if another PCP offers telehealth services as part of their practice.

Although not new, telehealth services are now seen by many practitioners as the health care delivery model which will meet this new consumer demand for convenience as well as provide for an alternative to more expensive health care settings such as emergency room and urgent care visits. The growing popularity of telehealth services has also been bolstered by MACRA's (Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act) recognition of telehealth services and consumer demand for online, immediate access services such as Concierge Care.

In Illinois, legislation was recently enacted that would protect providers offering telehealth services. These protections range from reimbursement parity with in-person visits to contracting protections covering how telehealth services are to be used by the provider.

Whether setting up innovative health care delivery models, like telehealth services, or adding telehealth services to an existing business model, we believe that Clients are best served when they are fully apprised of best practices and protections.

[i] American Well, "One in Five Consumers Would Switch to a Doctor that Offers Telehealth Visits," BOSTON (January 23, 2017)

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